My Eco Mart is part of My Eco Farms firm company, started in the year 2016 in a passion of personal gardening.

Every people wish to live a healthy life that begins it’s journey in the kitchen. healthy living depends directly on taking healthy food. Healthy food should be completely organic and not treated with any chemicals. This can be possible only if we grow our own food from our house.

Even though, not all food products can be produced from our terrace, it is easy to grow certain fruits and vegetable plants that are needed for our daily requirement. Our main goal is to make every people grow basic vegetable needs for their daily basis.

Terrace/balcony garden is a must for people now a days to tackle certain situations like COVID 19, flood etc. But how to set up terrace garden or where to get these terrace gardening products? Yes, My Eco Farms helps you to get all your terrace gardening needs at your door step.

So, in the intention to promote organic gardening among people, we have started this company My Eco Mart where we sell,

  • HDPE grow bags
  • Native vegetable seeds
  • Organic plant growth promoter
  • Organic pest repellent
  • Neem oil
  • Neem cake powder
  • Organic Manures